Daniel Cammish has claimed the 2015 Porsche Carrera Cup GB championship by scoring a double podium at Silverstone, continuing his unbroken run in 2015.


The Yorkshireman got a superb start to jump up to third ahead of Josh Webster. By mid-race there was a clear leading gaggle of four cars almost nose to tail led by Dino Zamparelli with Michael Meadows in second. As they came through Becketts to join the Wellington Straight they hit fluid left by a limping back-marker. Meadows got crossed up and went wide, allowing Dan to power through and take second.


"There was loads of oil off at Becketts," said Dan. "God knows how Michael rescued it because he was at 90 degrees at one point. I slid and got away with it and the next few laps it was a case of picking your way through it. Other than that we had more speed than Josh but not as much as Dino."


When Dan crossed the line the sense of relief was almost palpable as the pressure and weight of expectation was instantly lifted as he became the 2015 champion.


"I was calm this morning until we got onto the grid and then my stomach tied itself in knots," said Dan. "I think it was more because I knew how tough the race was going to be. I had put everything in to qualify fourth on the grid and we were really down on speed. We even looked at changing the engine on Friday night we were that concerned about straight-line speed. To finish second on a track that has got four corners and three straights is pretty impressive really."


"We've had some great results all year. I knew I was in the hot seat so to speak for a while now and it has been coming but it was nice to get it across the line without any dramas. Anything can happen out there and it usually does. I didn't want to end up facing the wrong way or one touch of the radiator and I'm out and then the pressure mounts again. Its nice to get it across the line, we've been consistently the best car this year so I'm really, really pleased."


In race two Dan started in fifth place on the rolling start but struggled with a car down on power. Despite this, he managed to gain fourth place with a move up the inside of Kruger at Luffield, then picked up third when Meadows spun out after a clash with eventual winner Josh Webster. The third-placed finish maintained his incredible run of fourteen podium finishes in 2015. The final result of race two remains provisional as on the road winner Josh Webster is under investigation for an incident with Michael Meadows.


"It was a good race," said Dan. "It was close at the start but I'm disappointed a little bit. I feel that we've masked an engine power issue for a long time and we are not at the races at all. I came out of Becketts ahead of Kruger and got on the throttle earlier than him and by the time I hit the brakes he was a full cars length in front of me. All I've done is go in a straight line and pull a paddle so it isn't me. I gave it everything and at a horsepower circuit it showed. I've won ten races and it has been fantastic but whether the motor has finally cried enough and it needs looking at, or it's been going away for a while and we've been getting away with it because we've been on twisty circuits I don't know."


"I can't wait to get to Brands though because around here I was hanging on. It was a good day. I'm really happy to be champion but I think the car needs a bit of TLC. I'm really proud of myself, it's been a good day's work. I need to say a big thank you to Nationwide, PPG and Lansa for all their support this season. These guys are behind me to the end and I'll be going even faster now that I don't have any pressure."