LANSA is a leading provider of mobile and desktop application development tools, modernisation solutions and integration software. LANSA's powerful suite of cross-platform development tools lets organisations overcome the complexity inherent in creating and maintaining business applications. LANSA’s integrated tool set is also the technology foundation for a wide range of business solutions from LANSA and over 300 business partners.


Established in 1987, LANSA supports thousands of companies around the world with its products and services and has offices based in Chicago, America, St Albans, UK and Sydney, Australia.


LANSA has invented a software development process that significantly reduces the complexity of building business-oriented, database-centric systems. These are the systems that run the daily operations of small, medium and large organisations in critical areas like enterprise resource planning, financial accounting, sales force automation, supply chain management and e-business.


The LANSA methodology has stood the test of time, with their customers recording unprecedented levels of productivity and agility.


LANSA is used by organisations that recognise the many advantages of tailored systems, but who no longer have the time, money or inclination to develop applications the old way.


For over two decades, LANSA has ridden at the forefront of each new wave of hardware and software technology – from green-screens, personal computing, client/server, the Internet, application integration, Object Oriented, SOA and mobile – and has delivered a capability to software developers unmatched by most of LANSA’s competitors who have come and gone over the years.