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Supercup: Round 4 – Red Bull Ring

July 8th, 2017

It was a tough weekend. It didn’t start off great as my dashboard failed in practice, so I didn’t have any data from the session. That put us on the back foot but to be honest, we just didn’t get there in qualifying. The car wasn’t performing and the rest of the guys [in the team] weren’t there either. We were definitely lacking something as we were P3, P8 and P9. I had my best time taken away for track limits but to compound things, I also lost my second time as well.


We tested here four weeks ago but the track is so much different. I was a second slower than I was in practice. The traction on the different rubber makes it so different as the track changes after each session. We go out after the F1 boys, and the F2 and GP3 so we never really know the grip levels.


I had a good start to the race and we had really good race pace. The top seven were all so close for the entire race. We are just missed a trick somewhere. I was seventh before the Safety Car, but I lost out when Robert Lukas made a do or die move on the last lap.


I’m disappointed we didn’t put it together in qualifying and it just hampers your entire weekend. It’s only 20 minutes and that decides your entire your race pretty much. We were still a top ten finisher this weekend. To be in the top four is good. It’s Michael Ammamueller, two Porsche Juniors and then me, which is a pretty good going for my first full season.


It wasn’t really our weekend, but I’m determined to come back for Silverstone. I’ve had three mega weekends on the bounce. You can’t always have good weekends and you’ve just got to maximise your points and that’s what I did.