Daniel Cammish continued his victory run by winning round five of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Oulton Park.


The Leeds-based driver was able to advantage of early leader Stephen Jelley when he hesitated lapping his teammate. Dan got a good start to the race but Jelley started alongside him and remained next to Dan in the opening corner, this put him on the inside for the second turn and Dan had to cede the place.


Dan demonstrated his speed by setting the fastest lap of the race but would have to wait until the final five laps however for his opportunity. Coming into Druids Rupert Martin held Jelley up on the inside and Dan was able to sweep around the outside of them both. He then set fastest lap to consolidate his lead before a red flag came out, bringing the race to a premature end.


“You can’t overtake around here and Stephen did a good job at the start but that was the race," said Dan. "Unfortunately he got blocked up by his teammate and I took advantage.I did as much as I could at the start. It’s a rolling start and there is only so much you can do. I did my best to try and hang him out around the outside and I did to a point. His nose was level with my rear wheel and I knew I was knackered because if I go left he spins me into the fence, if I don’t he passes me. There were only two options there.”



“We had so much more speed, as I proved by setting fastest lap once I got past him, even though the tyres were completely knackered at that point. I couldn’t overtake him so I just thought if I dart around in his mirrors and throw the car around, he might think I’m going to hit him, miss his braking point or do something. He kind of did a couple of times but it was never something I could capitalise on.”


Race two takes place at 15:25 on Sunday afternoon and will be broadcast live on ITV4.